Coming soon: Pure Love Yourself - an impact documentary, made in NYC, by our members to inspire a global revolution in self-love. 


Our Mission

Glasgow Girls Club nurtures, develops, and amplifies the skills and talents of young women through socially conscious entrepreneurship training, digital media, film-making, event production, and other creative mediums, so that they can take and make opportunities for themselves in a variety of industries.


Our Philosophy

We believe that when we illuminate the world for young women they will illuminate their world.

Our Vision 


A world where the untapped potential of young women is harnessed to create a fairer more just society. 

Through international partnerships with like-minded third, public and private sector organisations our vision is one of equality, collaboration, social innovation, and sustainability.


Glasgow Girls Club engages and mentors girls and young women of disadvantaged areas of Glasgow. Working across multiple disciplines participants are supported to explore issues that affect both themselves and their communities, covering everything from cat-calling and positive body image to food justice and the role of the media. 

Nurturing self-esteem, developing individual talents
, and connecting the next generation of socially conscious female leaders is Girls Club's unique model.

Glasgow Girls Club creates a space for participants to harness their individual power, bust stereotype myths, and break down societal barriers.  

Glasgow Girls Club uses social entrepreneurship, as well as the digital and creative industries as vehicles to engage participants so they can become strong, bold, socially conscious advocates and leaders in their immediate and wider community.

Our initiatives offer participants a unique opportunity to find and use their voices while leading others to follow in their footsteps.


The aspirations, passions, and stories of the girls we work with are conveyed via socially conscious initiatives, films, and song to evoke thought and action around relative issues and topics.



The Club


Glasgow Girls Club works with girls and young women of diverse backgrounds, ultimately bringing participants together under common goals. Through our local and international initiatives, we help to dissolve barriers for and between young people.


We also provide services to young people experiencing homelessness, social exclusion, and isolation. By working with experienced partners in these areas, we are able to provide creative pathways and bespoke, tailored support to existing care programs for the girls who need it most. 

Glasgow Girls Club screenings, workshops, and curriculum are also available to schools, community groups and conferences to raise awareness about equality and social justice issues. 

Glasgow Girls Club joins Lower Eastside Girls Club, Club Balam in Chiapas, Mexico,

Ghar Sita Mutu in Kathmandu, Nepal, Shine on Sierra Leone in Kono, Sierra Leone to form

Girls Club Worldwide.


Who We Are
Amy Rew


Sophie Thomson

Research & Digital 

Laurie Duffy


Karen Dunbar

Wellbeing Ambassador

Special Advisors

Glasgow Girls Club is proud to have Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon as honourary chair person.


"Creating a level playing field where all young women can achieve their dreams is crucial to building a fairer society and stronger economy for Scotland.
That's why I'm supporting Glasgow Girls Club and their vision that every young woman can be a


-Nicola Sturgeon-

Social Impact Content

Glasgow Girls Club works collectively to produce its own diverse portfolio of social impact content, inspirational performances, and installations, all of which can be booked as screenings and workshops in your community.


Community Programmes


Glasgow Girls Club’s outreach program is designed for participants 16+ and is led by our Glasgow Girls Club community artists team and experienced Girls Club members who have been with Girls Club for a significant period of time and have shown commitment to achieving our vision and strategic goals. The workshops urge participants to explore a variety of issues through songwriting, film making, entrepreneurship, and other creatively productive outputs.

Our programmes develop film-making, presenting, entrepreneurial, critical thinking, and analytic skills, as participants are encouraged to consider issues affecting them and their wider communities. This approach helps to build confidence, self-esteem and promotes stronger educational and employment outcomes.

This is a residency program for community groups offered as an in-house or community-based programme. For details on collaboration and anything else, get in touch.
(where appropriate and possible we aim to be able to deliver programmes at minimal costs)

Let Girls Club Help You to AMPLIFY Your Message  

As a social enterprise, AMPLIFY is the digital and creative production service provided by Glasgow Girls Club, to meet the digital or production needs of your organisation.

Our network, of industry professionals, can assist you or your organisation, design, develop and deliver it's own socially conscious message or campaign via digital, film, song, or any other creative medium. This part of our unique model also provides our community with valuable work experience and networking opportunities within the digital and creative industries.
All profits are re-invested into our community work.

AMPLIFY can provide your project or event with experienced:

Web or App Design

Production and Sound Management & Hire

Film Makers

Artists & Performers

Want To Help AMPLIFY With Us?

A Sneak Peak of '400 Million Girls: The Film'
By Glasgow Girls Club Members
with Special Thanks to Lower Eastside Girls Club of NYC and YAYAs of New Orleans.


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