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So much more is possible

Taking part in Girls Club workshops helped to connect me to so many opportunities and opened up my eyes to a world much greater than I had imagined.
I've learned so much from meeting Girls Club and my confidence has grown which has in turn helped me to take bigger steps towards the future I want to build for myself. I feel like so much more is possible.


Girls Club Alumni

Our Mission

Glasgow Girls Club was set up in 2014 to help open doors to opportunities and pathways for girls and women facing adversity or crisis, empowering them to become their best and be part of building better worlds for themselves and for their communities.

With the support of the National Lottery, Robertson Trust, and GCVS we are proud to have piloted the city's first Community Connector initiative for young women at risk of crisis. Our vision is rooted in the power of building connected communities and innovative partnerships, it's why we love to produce media content spotlighting and signposting some of the amazing people and resources that are the lifeblood of our communities. 

Oh! And... we are a Social Enterprise that strives to fund our work and create employability opportunities by building digital technology that helps third and public-sector clients influence positive social change.

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