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spotlighting community

We are passionate about empowering young women to raise their voices. Gaining skills in citizen journalism and engineering, participants are supported by professionals to explore a wide variety of themes.

We produce regular content showcasing third-sector heroes, community activists, and inspirational people from many walks of life.

In line with our cascading leadership methodology, younger members shadow peers and industry professionals.

Good in Glasgow

A filmed podcast that sheds light and gives a platform to the positive impact work that is happening across Glasgow.

Goddess Sessions

Girls Club Big Sister, Divine Tasinda hosts her own show with the aim to create a safe space to have open conversations for her community to grow and learn together. 

Pure Love Yourself

An impact documentary, made in NYC, by our members to inspire a global revolution in self-love. 
Three Girls Club members travelled to the Lower East Side of Manhattan to find out what the phrase 'Pure love yourself' means in the Big Apple. 


400 Million Girls

Three Girls Club members find out what life is like for girls of many different cultures, by visiting a global summit in New York City. 

Welcome to Branston 

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