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Women's Safety

We were commissioned by Wise Women to create a women’s safety app. The purpose of the app was to collect women’s experiences of harassment and abuse in public spaces, signpost women to appropriate places, and keep women informed about developments in the future.  

The app includes a survey that allows women to pinpoint and share their experiences of harassment and abuse. Data is collated and used to inform decision-makers in Glasgow and beyond.   

Systemic change

The role of IT in this project is crucial, not only to increase reach, but it has generated interest that such projects have not seen in the past. The role of digital in social justice and systemic change has really come to the fore in the past two years and this project is a great example of the power of tech for change. The might of tech combined with local grassroots activism has been game changing and is able to play a critical role in delivering outcomes for women’s safety at a local and city level.   

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Who is it for:

female members of the public who wish to report on spaces where they experience harassment and abuse

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Social impact:

women's experiences of public harassment and abuse can be taken into account by local authorities and City Planners

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Who benefits:

public spaces are safer for everyone

Creating an independent online safe space for women to report and comment on each other’s experiences has been profound. We knew women would be engaged but the level of support between women, we have seen via the platform, shows us that women have felt activated, enabled and connected by the project.

Amy Rew

Founder, Glasgow Girls Club

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