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Let’s Get Communities Connected

A directory of interventions to help people in the justice system connect into their own communities.


Let's Get connects people to support for issues that can contribute to offending and reoffending.

Community Justice Glasgow commissioned the online tool, in a bid to reduce reoffending by helping people access more than 800 services.

The app links to a wide range of community-based groups and local services offering support and advice for those experiencing trauma, poverty, mental health problems, addiction, unemployment, homelessness, and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES).
The app is being regularly used by Police and social workers and is helping people to access support quickly and easily.

To keep the database current, we run a volunteering programme for members of the public to become part of our network of “DigiConnectors”.

DigiConnectors are trained to help crowdsource information about local services.

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Who is it for:

individuals impacted by the criminal justice system and those who support them

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Social impact:

reoffending is reduced, the impact of crime is mitigated, and all citizens affected by offending have equal opportunity to thrive

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Who benefits:

people at risk of offending and the wider community                                                                 

Police were contacted by a member of the public who was concerned for the safety of a friend.  When police attended to check on the welfare of the individual, they disclosed they were having suicidal thoughts.  Officers established the reasons behind the emotions were the recent breakdown of their marriage, their inability to work due to the mental strain this placed them under, and the financial hardship this was causing.  The officers sought a consultation with a mental health nurse who deemed them fit to be left alone. 
Prior to leaving the address, the officers provided the individual with the details for the Let's Get App and highlighted the support available in the area from the relevant partner agencies.

Glasgow Officer

Police Scotland

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